About the Photography:

The images on this site should be viewed with red/cyan anaglyph 3D glasses. The photographs were created using a special camera rig that I designed especially for macro photography of flowers and plants. Based off of the classic beamsplitter, the dual camera rig allows for adjustable parallax and instant capture. All post-processing is handled in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

About the Photographer:

Hi, I'm Mike Pucher. My passion for photography is rooted in my interest in exploring the details of the planet that we all share. By carefully selecting subjects and photographing them in detail, I find greater appreciation of the beauty and imperfection of the natural world. While originally searching to photograph pattern and order, I found more beauty in natural expressions of character. 

My interest in 3D photography stems from my fascination with composition. I have always felt challenged by the deceptively simple still life compositions of Edward Weston, and adding the component of a third dimension lets me explore new ways of creating opportunities for the viewer's eyes to engage a still image. 

Penny, 2012

Penny, 2012